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Somatic Consent
Foundations of
Enhanced Pleasure

Awakening to a deeper experience of life

Hello and welcome to the self-study online course:

Foundations of Enhanced Pleasure

Are you ready to experience a deeper connection with yourself and others through the power of touch? Look no further than the Somatic Consent Fundamentals Online Course! With six comprehensive modules and easy-to-follow touch practices, you’ll learn how to cultivate an awakened experience of touch and intimacy like never before.


  • Gain a heightened awareness and acuity in relation to touch
  • Enhance your communication skills to foster deeper connections with others
  • Develop a deeper understanding of boundaries and consent
  • Expand your personal and spiritual growth through ongoing support and resources
  • Experience a newfound sense of clarity and ease in your interactions with others

Join us today and take the first step towards a more fulfilling and intimate life!

An high value adon to this online course is a lifetime membership at the Somatic Consent Academy and the transformative Zoom calls.

Here you’ll have the opportunity to discuss what comes up for you on your journey of somatic consent, get support from our facilitators and connect with others.

Find the Acdemy link at the end of the course!


Please note:

If you’ve already completed the Reset Course, you’ll be familiar with Module 1.

After completing Reset, please go to Modules 2 unless you’d like to review, refresh and deepen your skills.

Disclaimer: All Somatic Consent material is intended to be gender neutral. For the sake of brevity, use is made of him/her in the text in order to keep the text concise and clear. Also when talking about relationships it is the intention of the author to acknowledge and accept all relational configurations. For the reasons mentioned earlier, the text uses a traditional relational configuration of two relating partners. However, the material is usable in any relational configuration. Any comments or remarks about this can be reported to the author via the contact form on the site.

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